18 Miles – How far out will you go to change?

When I talk to her, listen to her, watch her speak, stare into her blue-greens, I wonder how she was as a child. I pay close attention because there’s passion in her words, her thoughts. I don’t want to miss a beat. Yet, all I can think about is her beginning. Her upbringing.

She shines with incredible substance and polish. There’s strength in her words. I wonder what kind of family, household forms this quality of person. A human who shines like this. I bet her house was full of sunlight, fine wood, literature, bone china, warm, comforting aromas and love. And I’m glad. And I’m fortunate to know her. Her impervious sense of self is magnetic. Many see it. When you stand near, her personality generates heat. I bet she glows in the dark. If I told her that she would laugh, probably call me silly.

I’m absolutely sure she glows.

woman glow

Then I think about how incredibly different our paths to here, this moment we meet for an interview, must have been. Light years. I’m certain she never came home from school to find her mother topless and drunk on the lawn or her dad in a hot tub with three females twenty years his junior. I’m sure she never had to fear for her life on the way to high school or practice hours in a mirror to remove a heavy, lower middle class urban accent. Nope, I’m certain of all this. I’m sure her diction was perfect; her voice resonates from deep in her chest, rises up – her words are as dense as diamond. She makes life look easy. I have always labored through it. I believe her road was paved with beauty, mine graveled with ugly. Yet, smooth and rough can collaborate and create.

We know each other, respect each other’s strengths. And when I’m in her presence I wonder: How many miles would I need to venture from my comfort zone to be like her, possess a slice of her self confidence. I’ve figured about 18.

18 miles out.


Can disparate roads eventually merge? 

Random Thoughts:

1). How far out of your comfort zone are you willing to travel today? Take it a mile at a time. Maybe you believe you can’t get past the shit in the road, but the more you trudge, work, push forward, the cleaner and smoother the path will become. As a kid if you would have  told me I would have gotten as far as I have and consult and meet with the diamonds I do today, I would have laughed hard in your face. Will you practice in the mirror of your soul, for hours, to be a better person? To seek knowledge? To bathe in the wisdom of words and actions you see in someone like KC. I call her KC because she brings the sunshine band with her wherever she goes.

2). The farther out I go. The more I discover who I am. When I traveled 18 miles outside of New York City, I felt the dirt fall away. Permanently. When I travel 18 miles outside of a rural Texas town, I hit a patch of land I recall as a crossroad for change. I can pass the road today and remember the thoughts of that day. What changed about me. Where is your crossroad? How far out will you travel, will you go to change something about yourself? Begin 18 miles from point center.

3). It’s never too late. To travel. Build wealth. A business. Age is not a restriction. Picture your finances 18 miles out. Eighteen miles from today. Picture yourself debt free. Don’t look back. Begin the travel now.

4). Find the smooth road and then go open throttle. Analyze people you admire, tell them you admire them. Tell them why. Ask them for guidance to get 18 miles out. You would be surprised what you’ll get when you ask. Never abuse the privilege.

KC’s passions include issues that affect children and the underserved. She’s adventure, knowledge, devotion, cum laude of the school I always wanted to attend – Vanderbilt University. She told me I could teach there someday.

She has connections.

She’s a spark.

An “18 miles out,” destination we should strive for.

What are you waiting for?

Get moving.

And tune in.


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